Studying Abroad

Hi M,
The first factor is that you are trying to run away from your problems, I am feeling a miscommunication with your Mother and have not been on speaking terms for the last two years and this is encouraging you to rush in to moving without a well thought out plan. Your Mother has L, G or D in her name and has links to Scorpio. You have this plan that things will improve with your Mother whilst you are away, she holds on to the past and can not let go, this stems from the feeling of inadequacy where her opinions and independence were limited while she was with your Father. You grew up in difficult circumstances when your Father was not in your life since you were 14 and these emotions have played a role in many vital decisions you have made, but also the feelings of the other members off the family as I feel a Sister around you with a 3 years age difference between you. Your Sister has M, L, R associated to her name and an accident, I am feeling that it is a forbidden topic in the family when it comes to discussing her as your family have not yet come to terms with this loss.

On your journey, you will establish trust, respect, psychological and spiritual communication with in, from bonding with ones self enables bonding with your surroundings and those who surround you. The spirit forewarns that you may be rushing in to a decision to move overseas,
I advise you take your time in finalising what you want to do as the last year has taken its toll on you, absorbing stresses and negative energy.
Poland is the place where you will go to study; you will meet a woman with brown hair, blue eyes with M, S or Y in her name and will start a relationship with her through out your studies. You will travel at Christmas with her 2010 introducing her to your friends and family.
You will make up with Sarah and maintain a good friendship February 2010; reconciliation is not there at this moment in time. Sarah has ambitions to travel to other side of the world for a year and does not want to tie herself down. Her decision to travel was encouraged when a pregnancy failed for her last year; this is a means of escape as her mind and aura are polluted with negative thoughts and energy. I recommend my negative energy spell to invite clarity in to your third eye; negative feelings grow like unwanted weeds in our higher consciousness, focus on my concept of the Three P’s, Patience over Priorities = Power.

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