Fallen in Love – what do I do?

Hi Dennis
Helen is a Mother of two a boy and a girl and came out of a difficult relationship and then got involved with the man she is with now who has M, D or J in his name, and was not in a clear state of mind upon entering the relationship with him or with you. Helen will not be able to make up her mind for 2 years, its going to be in and out of the relationship.
My prognoses however do not mean the relationship is over permanently, it is on standby until March 2010. It does not make life any easier as you may feel compelled to hold on until then, placing your life on pause. Spirit’s counsel at this stage you should have a gentle conversation on how you would be there for her as a friend and she can call or talk to you within reason and within yours and her comfort zone. This will eliminate the expectation of rushing in to a situation where both parties are not quite ready for a commitment. This concept will allow you to be part of her life and within her comfort zone without unreachable and disappointing expectations.
I feel your heart has been touched twice in your life and I am being told that on every occasion you have been displaying your feelings a little earlier than what you should, giving in to your emotions which in turn creates unrealistic expectation levels that are limited due to premature time factors. A successful relationship does take a few more elements than the feelings of love to make it a successful one. Every individual has certain hallmarks within their character that stems from the roots, for instance, I feel you came from a home where there was domestic and acceptance issues, which encouraged you to adopt a secondary character to protect the child you still have within. You are living in the past and the past insecurities from when you were with a woman called Anne, she abandoned the relationship to travel. Since then you suffered a loss of confidence and psychologically are aiming middle and hitting beneath in the many aspects of your life including relationships.
Your energy levels on the spirit board confirm that these are current missing elements that incomplete you. Spiritual cleansing is some thing that is neglected by many, the out look I will introduce is to acknowledge that those who hit the bottom only make it to the top and are mentally tuned to stay there.
I recommend love spell that will boost your confidence, cleanse your aura and bring closure on your love life and feelings of love; enabling glow with confidence and take slower capable steps. A healthy balanced self belief way of life is the way forward.

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