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Studying Abroad

admin post on November 12th, 2012
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Hi M,
The first factor is that you are trying to run away from your problems, I am feeling a miscommunication with your Mother and have not been on speaking terms for the last two years and this is encouraging you to rush in to moving without a well thought out plan. Your Mother has L, G or D in her name and has links to Scorpio. You have this plan that things will improve with your Mother whilst you are away, she holds on to the past and can not let go, this stems from the feeling of inadequacy where her opinions and independence were limited while she was with your Father. You grew up in difficult circumstances when your Father was not in your life since you were 14 and these emotions have played a role in many vital decisions you have made, but also the feelings of the other members off the family as I feel a Sister around you with a 3 years age difference between you. Your Sister has M, L, R associated to her name and an accident, I am feeling that it is a forbidden topic in the family when it comes to discussing her as your family have not yet come to terms with this loss.

On your journey, you will establish trust, respect, psychological and spiritual communication with in, from bonding with ones self enables bonding with your surroundings and those who surround you. The spirit forewarns that you may be rushing in to a decision to move overseas,
I advise you take your time in finalising what you want to do as the last year has taken its toll on you, absorbing stresses and negative energy.
Poland is the place where you will go to study; you will meet a woman with brown hair, blue eyes with M, S or Y in her name and will start a relationship with her through out your studies. You will travel at Christmas with her 2010 introducing her to your friends and family.
You will make up with Sarah and maintain a good friendship February 2010; reconciliation is not there at this moment in time. Sarah has ambitions to travel to other side of the world for a year and does not want to tie herself down. Her decision to travel was encouraged when a pregnancy failed for her last year; this is a means of escape as her mind and aura are polluted with negative thoughts and energy. I recommend my negative energy spell to invite clarity in to your third eye; negative feelings grow like unwanted weeds in our higher consciousness, focus on my concept of the Three P’s, Patience over Priorities = Power.

Suicidal over the CSA

admin post on November 10th, 2012
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It is sad that your higher conscience path has been blocked and polluted by negative thoughts. In many instances suicidal thoughts are a comfort, acting as an escape route because you can’t face the reality of the rejection in your circumstances. I can understand that you are in a negative state of mind due to the issues surrounding your relationship and work. Join my positive affirmation programme which will help you adopt a healthier belief system. In the mean time should you encounter these thoughts again, contact Hope line UK 0800 068 4141 they will assist you immediately and it is their specialist area.

Over 50 and Confused!

admin post on November 10th, 2012
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This will work out and it will be the start of the new chapter in your life. Let go of the past, you are with a different calibre man now and not with your abusive past partner, I am feeling a man who was aggressive and had alcohol or drug issues in the past, who put you through a trauma for 10+ years. The advantages in this negative scenario was that you bonded more with your children and eventually found a man that does love you and most important became a Father figure in your children’s lives and now you have bonded with his 2 boys.

We can not change the past but we can certainly change how you feel towards it and I will guide you to be able to identify the positives in every negative encounter. You will join my spiritual precision course that will help you let go off the past, creating a better present and a fabulous future.

Heart-broken and Still in Love

admin post on November 10th, 2012
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I feel there were problems in the relationship arising in the June prior to the January split. This is due to work pressures and added family commitments to contend with that are causing a further pressure within the relationship. I am confident that towards October 2009 you will be in a better position within this relationship.

In order to avoid a repeat episode, I strongly advise you join my spiritual precision course this will help you glow with confidence and take things at a slower pace. I want to be happy to I will be happy, adopting these affirmations will help you in adopting a healthier and more realistic.

Struggling for my Dream

admin post on November 10th, 2012
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A Mother figure in spirit world is around you at your time of weakness, I associate her passing or her Birthday with May. I am told that you are a rock for others and can not adapt the same energy you bestow lacks within your own problem solving. I feel your employment is to do with government and you also work another part time job.
You will keep hold of both avenues of employment and this will be confirmed March 2010, the changes happening around you at the moment will not effect your position in employment but the financial bonus will be slightly less. I am being told you have two girls and I have ages 9 -11, I feel short names L, H, B and F, R, C. I feel the youngest Daughter has communication issues with her Mother that will subside over the next 6 weeks.
There is no real get rich quick scheme; there are however, healthy realistic paths that lead to the slow accumulation of wealth and wisdom, with the added bonus of spiritual awareness and acknowledgement of your higher conciseness. Stability comes in many forms and your relationship is something that needs your immediate attention. Your partner who has S, K or Y in her name has been feeling very low in the last 4 months and can fall back in to her depression, you need to remind her how much you love her and spend some special time together, by allowing the stresses of finance in to your lives you have disconnected from each other. I will introduce you to positive affirmation spiritual techniques, you need to adopt a clear mind set with goals; you can live a proactive life, steering towards a destination that is viable for all your family, where you can all enjoy each other.
No matter the state of your personal finances, whether you’re wealthy or poor or somewhere in between, take time to set goals not only in your finances, but also in love life and remember there is a time to work and play. State your affirmations in positive terms make them specific. Putting a deadline on achieving them is not a must as it deters delays that can cause heart ache and insecurities when we all run in to delays, Gods delays are not Gods denials. With self belief and tapping in your higher conciseness you can make your goals actionable. Work a little toward them every day. It’s much easier to achieve goals when you focus on the individual steps toward them rather than taking on too much at once.
I recommend a work spell that will bring clarity and closure in your work undertakings and will also help you gain control over your emotional state in work matters so that they don’t follow you home. The pursuit of happiness is not your bank balance, and how much you earn. How much you enjoy your job plays a vital role on your psychology and spiritual growth in your career, love, family and social life.

Fallen in Love – what do I do?

admin post on November 9th, 2012
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Hi Dennis
Helen is a Mother of two a boy and a girl and came out of a difficult relationship and then got involved with the man she is with now who has M, D or J in his name, and was not in a clear state of mind upon entering the relationship with him or with you. Helen will not be able to make up her mind for 2 years, its going to be in and out of the relationship.
My prognoses however do not mean the relationship is over permanently, it is on standby until March 2010. It does not make life any easier as you may feel compelled to hold on until then, placing your life on pause. Spirit’s counsel at this stage you should have a gentle conversation on how you would be there for her as a friend and she can call or talk to you within reason and within yours and her comfort zone. This will eliminate the expectation of rushing in to a situation where both parties are not quite ready for a commitment. This concept will allow you to be part of her life and within her comfort zone without unreachable and disappointing expectations.
I feel your heart has been touched twice in your life and I am being told that on every occasion you have been displaying your feelings a little earlier than what you should, giving in to your emotions which in turn creates unrealistic expectation levels that are limited due to premature time factors. A successful relationship does take a few more elements than the feelings of love to make it a successful one. Every individual has certain hallmarks within their character that stems from the roots, for instance, I feel you came from a home where there was domestic and acceptance issues, which encouraged you to adopt a secondary character to protect the child you still have within. You are living in the past and the past insecurities from when you were with a woman called Anne, she abandoned the relationship to travel. Since then you suffered a loss of confidence and psychologically are aiming middle and hitting beneath in the many aspects of your life including relationships.
Your energy levels on the spirit board confirm that these are current missing elements that incomplete you. Spiritual cleansing is some thing that is neglected by many, the out look I will introduce is to acknowledge that those who hit the bottom only make it to the top and are mentally tuned to stay there.
I recommend love spell that will boost your confidence, cleanse your aura and bring closure on your love life and feelings of love; enabling glow with confidence and take slower capable steps. A healthy balanced self belief way of life is the way forward.